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The Barcliff Group (TBG) is a dynamic minority & women-owned healthcare management & administration consultancy headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and increase health outcomes through the availability of quality management & administrative support solutions. We take pride in offering a suite of professional services that provide innovative, effective, and valuable solutions for our clients. We are honored to work with our clients and promote cultures of excellence.

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Quality Culture: The Paradigm Shift

It is without question that challenges with health care cost, accessibility, and affordability as well as the rise in behavioral health issues in the United States has placed health care quality at the top of the national agenda. With the reduction of geographical and technological barriers, U.S. healthcare has now become subject to cross-comparison with international health care delivery systems in Canada, Switzerland, and Sweden. It leaves the lingering question of, “how good is American healthcare?” Health organizations within the U.S. are now forced to adopt quality consciousness as a culture rather than an occurrence. Therein lies the paradigm shift… On a macro level, health care quality is defined as, “the right care; for the right patient; at the right [...]

5 Ways to Grow and Build Trust

One of the biggest keys to success in healthcare consulting surrounds the relationship we build with our clients and prospective clients. At the nucleus of that relationship is trust. Here are five ways to grow and build trust! ~ The Barcliff Group LLC Trust is built on good, reliable behavior over time. Image credit: Cecilie_Arcurs | Getty Images From your creditors to your employees, good business relationships are built on trust. Can the people who depend on you, confidently rely on you to treat them fairly? Once you have proven your dependability, they will make allowances for you and extend their level cooperation. This is essential to your business success.How much will you save on loan interest with extended credit, [...]

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