Excellence without exception.

Quality, value-oriented service.



Healthcare solutions begin here.

We are the leading Healthcare Management and Administration Consultancy in Atlanta, Georgia, where a culture of excellence geared towards delivering services that shift health and well-being trends is fostered. 


Our accessible and highly professional workforce holds Healthcare Administration to the highest standards, providing ground-breaking solutions that lead the industry with innovation and understanding human needs.


As a Healthcare Agency, we are always up to date with government requirements and mandates, reinventing healthcare policies and solutions to suit clients’ and customers’ personalized needs. Our flexible solutions are delivered across physical and virtual platforms, in tune with industry-changing trends. Begin your journey with us today.


A network
committed to serving.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare administration professionals operates by procuring services tailored to each organization’s needs across private, public, and social sectors, dedicated to understanding and the nature of each pillar that makes up the entire medical industry and achieving their overall goals.

Let us show you your true potential.

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Practical and Enduring Results.

We are engineering a shift on the most pressing issues facing every client.
We render cutting-edge expertise on the following core service areas.


Management and Administration Consulting

We are the central point of control in Health systems across private and public practices, non-governmental organizations, representative and professional bodies.



We formulate plans and make the best decisions on resource management according to organizational objectives for private and government-owned healthcare facilities.



We specialize in using digital media intelligence in health economics and outcomes communications and reinventing the core of businesses.


Training and Development

We employ various practices that enable healthcare specialists and professionals to advance in their careers. We have a wealth of experience with providing training programs and resources in the healthcare industry.


Health Information Technology

We improve healthcare quality and service for all medical parastatals by using advanced technology and software to manage and analyze medical data and optimize clinical performance.


NCQA Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance

In partnership with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), we assisted private and public healthcare facilities, non-governmental organizations, and other social health bodies and networks to get the industry-standard accreditation in line with their products, services, and duties.


What Our Clients Say

Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan of Georgia

Theresa Kurtinaitis, VP

“As a VP with a large healthcare organization, I had the opportunity to work directly with Sheronica Barcliff of the Barcliff Group. I can tell you this, Ms. Barcliff was a lifesaver for us. A couple years ago we found ourselves in desperate need of an NCQA expert when we found ourselves in an unforeseeable situation because a key staff member resigned. Unfortunately, the work that we thought was being done toward our next NCAQ review was never started. We needed someone who could quickly assimilate into the team so we could complete the work that desperately needed to be done. Ms. Barcliff personally jumped in, rolled up her sleeves and worked closely with our Quality Department. She was able to work across our various departments and internal organization structures to effortlessly blend into our complex matrixed organization and offer help to various departments in preparing NCQA documentation.
Ms. Barcliff was always professional, prompt, attentive to detail and followed through with everything to which she committed. She brought with her extensive knowledge, patience, and the ability to teach. She also demonstrated professionalism, management skills, enthusiasm, creativity, innovative ideas and the ability to step up and step in wherever needed. Ms. Barcliff delivered workable solutions while leading, managing, and working as a valued team member. Ms. Barcliff had the unique ability to seamlessly blend into our Quality Team as a valued and trusted consultant and helped us to meet and exceed our goals for our NCQA review. This allowed us to achieve an Excellent NCQA rating despite starting from behind.
I highly recommend the Barcliff Group and would not hesitate to use them again. The level of knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I was grateful for the opportunity to work with this dynamic individual who was always there with a smile, even under stressful situations. She also brought a can do and realistic attitude no matter the task, and her optimism is positively contagious.”

Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan of Georgia

Project Team

“Through our time, you went above and beyond – and very graciously. Thank you for supporting the team and becoming one of us.”

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Education Department

“Sheronica served as a faculty member here at NCQA in our Education Department for 9 years. Armed with a high level of knowledge of NCQA standards, Sheronica is able to provide real life examples to participants, giving them a deeper understanding of how quality looks in practice. Her addition to the NCQA faculty pool is a value add because of her customer-centric view on quality.”

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

NCQA Seminar Participant

“Ms. Barcliff’s positive and upbeat attitude made this seminar engaging & enjoyable. Vast knowledge and understanding of the topics discussed.”