About Us


An Insight into Our Core Values.

As a proud women-owned and minority healthcare administration and management agency based in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide solutions in well-being technology and practice. Women’s health and minority challenges are our priority, and we have a robust zero-policy tolerance for discrimination in any form.

All barriers are eliminated with us. Whatever creed, race, and organization you represent, a professional awaits you at The Barcliff Group. Our innovative approach delivers on the promise of system transformation. All payment platforms are value-based. Your desires come first to us.


To create a deep-rooted, systematic change in healthcare delivery through the intentional provision of equitable, quality, value-based care.

The healthcare industry exists as the bridge to every health challenge, and yet there are many things each individual deserves access to. No one should have to wait until the industry is right and ready to listen to their challenges.

We seek to be the first organization called upon to lead and inspire change, drive innovative solutions, celebrate diversity, and eliminate barriers in the industry. We aim to produce a global network of professionals who possess the highest qualification standards across many fields that abound in the healthcare industry. We want to have a representative ready and waiting to talk to you every corner you turn.


The Barcliff Group’s Core Values are Our Spirit and are Forged by E.Q.U.I.T.Y.











Yielding Results



To Improve the Health of Our Nation through Courageous Leadership.

We know all too well the disparities that plague the healthcare industry. We intend to use every available opportunity to fill the gaps with innovative solutions met with the most advanced technological processes. Our approaches will cement the transition of clients being seen as casualties to humans.

We are invested in the success of our nation’s health, and we understand how it impacts our communities, clients, and patients. This helps us to connect on a more intimate level with all relevant stakeholders. We are here, and we exist because the industry is rife with the possibility of an opportunity for change. We will, at all times, provide a safe environment and platform for growth & development where maximum attention and efforts are needed.


Quality, Value-Oriented Service.

Our solutions are based off on a combination of empathy to every client’s needs and expectations, a knack for administering advanced technology to serious subject matters and utilizing proprietary data to advanced progressive causes in the healthcare industry. We achieve better and long-term sustainable results by listening, understanding, relating, and providing an extensive pool of recommendations and guidance to solidify every client’s place as an industry leader. We invest the required time, resources, and talent to achieve the best results for every party concerned. No one comes to The Barcliff Group and walks away disappointed. We guarantee it. Every case we take on is one step closer to overhauling the entire healthcare industry for good.


Visionary Leaders Inspiring Change in the Healthcare Industry.

Are you looking for a professional healthcare administrator? We guarantee placements with an experienced professional unique to your field and unique to your needs. Our team comprises the most refined and erudite candidates across multiple Healthcare Industry fields.

Discover our experienced blend of talent.

CEO Fun Fact:

Sheronica is a high school Center for the Arts Dance Program graduate and undergraduate drama minor! 


“Silence the noise; honor all of who you are in each season; and let that drive your life’s work.”

Sheronica (Barcliff) Burgess is the CEO and Founder of The Barcliff Group, Inc.  She is a graduate of the University of Virginia (Bachelor of Science) and Virginia Commonwealth University (Master of Science in Health Administration). She launched The Barcliff Group after having worked in various healthcare arenas (hospital, physician offices, health plan, non-profit, corporate, regulatory agencies) for 15 years, eight of which she traveled nationwide assessing and educating healthcare organizations on healthcare quality, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence. This has positioned her as an entrepreneur, thought leader, speaker, community liaison, and nationally recognized healthcare quality and equity expert. Through her company and philanthropy foundation, Living Legacies, that caters to many, Sheronica’s mission is to provide true impact in healthcare quality & equity, place humanity back into healthcare, and generate wealth through the agency of health by education, advocacy, administration, and empowerment.

Sheronica is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., is a Leadership Cobb graduate, and Inner City Capital Connection Alumna. When she’s not working with consulting clients, Sheronica lends her time primarily to her family, civic service via board of director engagements, mentorship, and other entrepreneurial endeavors. She is also a fitness, live music, and performing arts enthusiast.