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Still not sure how we fit into your story? Take a glance at our frequently asked questions. We have the antidote to each unique case.

  • There are several reasons to hire a consultant. The most common reasons are:
    • Assistance with projects that require highly specialized knowledge and experience
    • Receive counsel on achieving operational excellence
    • Fill short-term staffing needs
    • Fill interim roles until permanent staff is placed
    • Assistance with projects that are outside the core of your business offerings
    • To meet requirements for audits, assessments, and surveys
  • Consultants have vast experience and knowledge and can provide this experience, knowledge, and perspective (that is difficult to find elsewhere) and can serve as the bridgae to your organization’s success.
  • If your project needs an external source of counsel, is outside of your core business offering, or requires specialized knowledge and experience, it usually makes financial sense to outsource to a consultant or consulting firm. Using consultants can reduce the development, implementation, and execution time to achieving your goals and lower costs.
  • We love our clients but also want you to be able to operate independently in efficiency and excellence! In every consulting engagement, we work with your organization and subject matter experts as an on-going knowledge transfer. This assists with the project close out process, keeps business running smoothly, and also keeps costs down of the life of the project.
  • The length of time of a consulting project varies and is based on numerous factors, including but not limited to:
    • Business Budget
    • Business Needs/Challenges
    • Business Needs/Challenges
    • Scope of the Consulting Project
  • Health Administration | Management
  • Health Equity | Quality
  • Health Communications
  • Learning & Development
  • Health IT | Digital Health
  • NCQA Accreditation | Regulatory Compliance
  • Great question! We realize that we are in a new normal with the pandemic and have quickly adapted and realigned to provide a full-digital platform to render all services without compromising quality or your business goals.
  • While your project is customized to meet your business goals and needs, the typical consulting project is started and organized in the following way:
    • Initial consultation/discovery meeting(s) to determine your goals and current business challenges.
    • If deeper information is required before or during the proposal building process, we’ll have you sign a mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
    • We’ll develop a proposal that includes a SOW (Scope of Work), investment, timelines, and any options or recommendations.
    • Once the SOW is mutually agreed upon, we’ll establish you in our systems for effective collaboration. This will also include a regular communications plan and milestone reporting.
    • Our brand promise is Excellence without Exception – we’ll work our brilliance to make your business shine!
    • Towards the end of the project, we’ll begin the off-boarding process and finalize knowledge transfer, so the results are sustainable.
    • We’ll do an official closeout of the project. However, we’ll always check in to ensure that everything is working the way it should and you continue to see the expected results.
    • Working with consultants shouldn’t be a hassle. We work with you and your teams to make sure the experience and process are great whilst working towards your goals.